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Village on the Green Celebrates Veterans Day

Each year our community honors our veterans by celebrating those who have put their lives at risk to protect our country, ensuring our nation remains safe and free for generations. In this article, we’ll highlight how the Village on the Green retirement community is honoring our veterans, as well as how the greater Orlando, Florida area is celebrating Veterans Day.

How Village on the Green Honors Our Veterans

Veterans Day is an important holiday to both our team and our residents at Village on the Green, so we make sure to observe it with reverence it deserves each and every November.

Last year, in honor of our veteran residents and team members, our community held a Veterans Day parade that marched from our clubhouse throughout the Village on the Green’s campus. Residents, team members, their family and friends were all encouraged to attend. Attendees dressed in red, white and blue, while our veteran participants in the parade were transported by a fleet of decorated golf carts, convertibles, trucks, and floats along the route.

Needless to say, after the parade concluded our community was ecstatic, finding the event to be as heartwarming as it was patriotic. We will be bringing back the Veterans Day parade again this year, in addition to a special lunch for our veterans following the program.

Veterans Day Events Around Orlando, FL

If you’re looking for Veterans Day celebrations around Orlando, Florida, we would point you in the direction of the upcoming 2021 Veterans Day Parade. The mayor of Orlando and his Veterans Advisory Council will be honoring the brave men and women of the armed forces during the 22nd annual City of Orlando Veterans Day Parade in downtown Orlando.

This year’s parade is set to open with a tribute to those who have fought for our country and defended our freedom, led by Mayor Buddy Dyer and local veterans. The parade’s theme is “Remembering September 11” to commemorate the 20th anniversary of 9/11. The parade offers the opportunity to pay respects to the brave men and women first responders who lost their lives during the tower collapses, in addition to the other innocent lives lost that day.

People from throughout Orlando are encouraged to attend the event, and we would certainly not be surprised to see residents and team members from our community in the crowd.

Building a Community at Village on the Green

Here at Village on the Green, our community surrounds our veterans with love and respect. It speaks to the passion of both our residents and team members, who are all committed to maintaining a warm and welcoming environment for everyone who walks through our doors.

If you or a loved one have any questions regarding our community, feel free to contact us or fill out the form below to learn more information about our community. Whether or not Village on the Green is the right choice for you, we’d like to end by once more thanking our veterans for their service and the sacrifices they’ve made to keep our country safe, prosperous and free. We hope they have a wonderful Veterans Day, because they’ve more than earned it.

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