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Senior Healthcare Services in Orlando, FL

Experience Supported Living

Embrace the next chapter of your life with support tailored just for the needs of you or your loved one. Enhanced levels of care allow Life Care and move-in residents alike to experience the full joy and richness available in our community.

Around-The-Clock Care and Support

Senior Rehabilitation Center
Recover and Recuperate

Village on the Green is your haven for renewal and well-being, designed to support you through life's twists and turns with compassionate care. Cutting-edge rehabilitation and therapy converge with on-site care services, providing the ideal setting to rejuvenate your spirit and strength.

Assisted Living Community
Assistance When You Need It

Embracing assisted living means celebrating life's journey with just the right touch of support tailored for you. Whether you require light assistance before a delightful walk around our community or would like extra peace of mind with medication management, our dedicated and caring professionals are here to make your life easier. With less daily stress and worry, you’ll have more energy to enjoy all of life’s little moments with the friends you’ll make in our community.

Memory Care Services
Supportive Memory Care Options

Each person holds a lifetime of stories, wisdom, and memories. If memory challenges arise, we’re dedicated to supporting you or your loved one to make the most of each golden moment. Alzheimer’s disease or dementia does not define you at Village on the Green. With programming tailored to your needs, you can indulge in a world of vibrant entertainment, enriching activities, and heartwarming group events. Every day brings with it a chance to celebrate all of the moments we share together.

Skilled Nursing Services
Comforting Medical Care

Embrace a holistic approach to your long-term health and care in a heartfelt and welcoming atmosphere at Village on the Green. Trust in top-notch care provided by expert team members and enjoy catered amenities to keep you feeling your best in a space where you can thrive.

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senior woman (Elizabeth Seabrooks) sits smiling in a chair, a harp behind her

Living in a community is the healthiest way to age. Regular neighborhoods have so many people coming and going. This is still a [close-knit] community, and I think it pays off in ways you can’t really write down in black and white.

- Elizabeth Seabrooks, Village on the Green Resident

Village on the Green

Swing Into Luxury

You deserve the support of a resort-like community with state-of-the-art care and opportunities for connection around every corner. Every living choice we offer ensures you're enveloped in elegance with access to top-tier services, especially made for vibrant souls like yours.

senior woman performs physical therapy exercise with the help of a PT in at Village on the Green Senior Living Communityrendering of courtyard at Village on the Green Senior Living Communityspacious interior lounge area at Village on the Green Senior Living Community