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What it’s Like to Live in Orlando, Florida During the Winter

When winter weather smothers us in a chilly embrace, many find themselves dreaming of warmer climates. This yearning can lead to seeking a change of scenery, especially as we get older. One popular destination for relocation and retirement is Orlando, Florida and surrounding communities like Longwood. 

Central Florida and the senior living communities here, like Village on the Green in Longwood, have much to offer in the form of amenities, activities, and entertainment. However, the real allure of this destination is its subtropical climate.  

Average Winter Temperatures in Orlando, Florida 

The Central Florida regionwhich includes Orlando and surroundshas what is called a humid subtropical climate. This type of climate zone is defined by hot and humid summers and very mild winters. Many areas that experience this type of climate are located in or near coastal regions. Winter in Central Florida is mild, with pleasantly warm days and cool nights.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), these are Orlando’s average highs and lows during the winter season: 

  • December:
    • Average High: 70° Fahrenheit
    • Average Low: 49° Fahrenheit
  • January:
    • Average High: 70° Fahrenheit
    • Average Low: 50° Fahrenheit
  • February:
    • Average High: 78° Fahrenheit
    • Average Low: 56° Fahrenheit
  • March:
    • Average High: 80° Fahrenheit
    • Average Low: 58° Fahrenheit

While the occasional rogue cold front does come through, these tend to be both rare and brief. The coldest reported temperature in Orlando was 18 degrees in 1894. While occasional snow flurries have been reported over the years, the last time a substantial amount of snow fell in the region was 1977, and that was less than two inches.  

Why is Winter So Warm in Orlando, Florida?

The reason the winter season is so warm in Orlando is because of its unique location. The Gulf Stream runs right through the state, keeping temperatures moderate by moving predominantly easterly tropical winds across both Central and Southern Florida. 

The warmth of the ocean current provides warmer surface temperatures that impact climate as well. Florida is a peninsula, which means it is bordered on three sides by this warm ocean. Three quarters of the state is considered coastal land. It is also the closest state to the equator, a combination which leads to higher humidity and higher temperatures than other states.  

Winter Weather and Hazards to Seniors 

Older adults who choose to relocate or retire to the Orlando area often find that there are few to no winter weather hazards. In fact, the months of December, January and February usually offer the most enjoyable weather of the year, with moderate humidity and rainfall. While there may be occasional cold snaps, these are rare. 

If you feel that you’ve become more susceptible to cold weather as you ageyou’re not alone. Older adults lose body heat faster than younger people. It can also be more difficult for seniors to notice that they are getting cold, which means that older adults are more susceptible to conditions like hypothermia

What to Do in Orlando, Florida in the Winter 

Pleasant winter temperatures mean that there is always something enjoyable to do outdoors in Orlando. Many residents from outside of the state find that Floridian winters are the perfect time to enjoy the activities they participate in during the summer in more northerly climates. 

Here are some of the unique things to do during the winter season in Florida.    

  • See wild manatees. When temperatures elsewhere plunge, manatees migrate to the warmer waters off the Florida coast. 
  • Enjoy the theme parks. Central Florida is home to numerous outdoor theme parks, which tend to be less crowded during the winter months. Eat, shop and participate in a variety of events on your own or with your extended family at parks such as Sea World, Disney World, Busch Gardens, or Universal Orlando, 
  • Watch the holiday boat parades. Many Floridians celebrate the holidays with colorful boat parades, which may include light shows and animated characters. Boats of all kinds participate, and people can watch the parade from the shore. 
  • Go on a safari. Winter is also the perfect time of year to go on an hour-long trip with Wild Florida, a drive-thru safari experience where you can see zebras, giraffes, bison alligators and more living in the 85-acre park. For those who are a little more adventurous, there are also airboat rides and closeup animal encounters.     

Live Comfortably Year-Round at Village on the Green  

If you are an older adult who wants to live comfortably year-round, there are few places better than The Village on the Green in Orlando, Florida. Our 80-acre campus is perfectly situated to the region’s major attractions and activities, while also close to the natural beauty of Spring Hammock Preserve and Wekiwa Springs State Park. Here, our residents enjoy the freedom to spend their retirement immersed in long-held passions and discovering new friends. Best of all, they can enjoy all of the region has to offer year-round. 

Contact us to learn more about what life is like here and schedule a tour.

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