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Senior Relationships: A Guide to Dating Over 60

We all deserve to find the love and companionship we desire. While the dating landscape may look different now, in some ways, it may work in your favor. You have decades of life experience that has given you a stronger understanding of yourself, your standards, and what you want in life. This, coupled with the popularity of dating websites and the rise in senior dating, can make finding your person much easier. If you’re looking for love, consider these tips for building a lasting connection.  

Take Note of Your Feelings Towards Dating

As you embark on this new chapter of romance, you may feel excitement, apprehension, or both. Finding a new partner is about more than having someone to spend time with. Your quest for love is a journey of self-discovery—one that can offer a reward well worth the risk.

Healthy relationships—whether romantic or platonic—are beneficial to your overall health. Having someone to share life’s highs and lows with can provide you with a sense of belonging and decrease feelings of stress and loneliness. It can also create a greater sense of purpose. These factors enhance your quality of life and may even increase your lifespan.

But for a relationship to start healthy, you may need to take a look within to evaluate whether you have a healthy view of dating. This will help you be more prepared in the event you face any emotional or social obstacles during your dating journey. Take time to work through these challenges by being open-minded and honest with yourself. Being transparent about who you are and what you’re looking for will help make sure you’re looking in the right places for love. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to ensure you’re ready to start dating:

  • What type of relationship do I want?
  • Am I still healing from or grieving a past relationship?
  • Am I aware of my red flags?
  • What am I bringing to the table?
  • What are my love languages?

Embrace Shared Interests and Hobbies

Finding common ground and enjoying your shared interests together is a great way to build a strong relationship—romantic or not. One of the best ways to meet someone who shares your interests is to simply pursue what you’re interested in. This can look like nurturing your passions, trying something new, partaking in your favorite hobbies, or getting involved in your community. Here are some ideas to enjoy with a friend or a romantic partner: 

  • Take an art class
  • Join a book club
  • Sign up for a group fitness class 
  • Get a group together to play golf
  • Volunteer at a local charity 
  • Get involved at your religious organization
  • Attend events and activities in your senior living community

If you want to give online dating a try, search for matches that have similar interests—just be sure to use safe practices to avoid scams. You can also ask a friend if they know someone who would make a good match.

Finding similar interests is only one part of a relationship. You must also work on building trust, which is best done by establishing transparent, honest communication and mutual respect.

Make New Connections at Village on the Green

Senior living communities are a great place to meet like-minded people in a similar life stage. 

As you weigh your senior living options, we invite you to tour Village on the Green—where you can focus on building meaningful relationships, pursuing your passions, and enjoying your hobbies. Every day, you can enjoy our luxurious services, leisurely amenities, exciting events, and the many friendships that come from living in a tight-knit community.

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