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5 Things Residents Wish They Knew Before Moving to a Senior Community

Many seniors who choose to move to senior living communities have found it to be one of the best choices they ever made. They often say they put it off too long and regret not moving in sooner. Why is this? To help you in your decision-making, we’ve compiled a list of five things that senior living residents wish they had known before they made the move—and why they wish they had done it sooner. 

1. There’s an Option Out There for You

Many senior living residents are surprised that they can continue living their vibrant, carefree lifestyle once they move into a senior community. These communities are designed to enhance your life—not restrict it. Every day, you can live your way

Every community is unique—from services and amenities to culture and lifestyle. So it’s important to take your time searching for your perfect match. You want to find one that enhances your daily life and caters to your unique preferences and personality. Take time to research communities in your desired city. Narrow your options and take tours to get a look at what living there would be like for you. 

2. Everything You Need is Just a Few Steps Away

Providing a life of convenience and luxury is a top priority for senior living communities. Many seniors worry they will miss out on the things they enjoyed before the move, but these communities are specifically designed to make hobbies and passions easily accessible. For instance, here are a few conveniences you might find at a senior living community: 

  • Enjoyable amenities. Community amenities make it easy to prioritize self-care, socializing, and leisure. Take an instructor-led exercise class, grab a bite to eat at a community dining venue, or spend a day enjoying the beautiful scenery around you. 
  • Convenient services. Tedious tasks that take your time and give nothing back are handled when you move to a senior community. With regular housekeeping, on-call maintenance, landscaping, and other home maintenance services, you have more time in your day to spend on what matters most to you.
  • Robust events calendar. Senior living communities understand how important a sense of belonging is for their residents. Because of this, these communities offer a range of events, activities, clubs, mixers, classes, parties, and more to help you naturally make meaningful connections with fellow residents. 
  • Easily accessible health services. Many residents choose senior living communities due to their easily accessible health and wellness options. From on-site fitness centers to personalized wellness programs, and more, it’s easy to put your health first. Residents also enjoy the peace of mind that comes from living in a Life Care community. These communities offer various levels of care at predictable rates, should you ever need them. 


3. You’ll Wish You Did It Sooner 

Many residents find themselves wondering why they didn’t move sooner. This is because senior living communities are designed with the needs of seniors in mind, making life easy, fun, and invigorating.

With so many things to do, people to meet, and places to see, every day holds adventure. There are many ways to fill your days—whether in the comfort of your personal oasis, in the neighborhood, or in a nearby city. You are free to chart your path; your community is simply a launching pad for your endeavors.

“I had the wrong image of what it would be like here. When I actually saw it, it just seemed like a wonderful platform to launch retirement from. That just delighted me!” — Susan Craig, Village on the Green Resident

4. You’ll Need Less Stuff Than You Think

The idea of decluttering is often a relief—a weight lifted off your shoulders. Many residents share this sentiment. Moving is an opportunity to declutter and right-size your life. Senior communities enable you to enjoy a more minimal lifestyle because everything you need is within reach and provided by the community. 

In addition to a more minimal lifestyle, you will also enjoy a just-right living space ideal for this season of your life’s journey. You can often explore a range of apartment-style living spaces, many of which may feature open floor plans, upscale finishes, modern appliances, pet-friendly policies, and more.

5. It’s Easy to Make Friends  

Many residents have been delighted to find that it’s easy to make friends in a senior community. Community events and activities, like classes, parties, mixers, and clubs, are social by nature. They are a great way to break the ice and bond over shared interests and experiences. In addition, everyone here has made the transition at some point—they all know how it feels to be “the new person.” This creates a culture of empathy and hospitality that makes you feel right at home. Lastly, senior communities have a welcoming team of move-in coordinators and concierge services to help you transition smoothly into community life.

Find Out More About Community Living at Village on the Green

Moving to a senior living community isn’t just about finding a new place to live—it’s about exploring your passions, forging meaningful relationships, and enjoying the luxurious, leisurely lifestyle you’ve worked so hard for.

We invite you to see what life could look like for you at Village on the Green. Envision a day lounging by the pool, enjoying a game of golf with friends on the putting green, and catching up with friends over a satisfying meal every day. Many of our residents can attest to the fulfillment they’ve found living here—but don’t just take our word for it. Listen to their testimonials or contact us today to see for yourself what life could be like at Village on the Green.

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