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The Social Benefits of Choosing a Continuing Care Retirement Community

By nature, we are social beings. We aren’t meant to go through life alone. Yet many of us will experience feelings of isolation, especially as we age. This can adversely impact our mental and physical health, ultimately impacting our longevity. Continuing care retirement communities, or CCRCs, offer many benefits, but one of the most significant is the nearly limitless opportunities to make new connections and build meaningful relationships with others. 

Here are some ways that choosing a CCRC can help enhance your social well-being, and positively impact your health. 

Fostering New Connections

CCRCs are intentionally designed to make it easy to meet new people. Many offer spacious common areas, diverse activities, and exciting events tailor-made for meeting people. From yoga classes and water aerobics to art classes and golfing groups, there are plenty of opportunities to forge new friendships. Communities often provide excursions into the local area and beyond, too. You’re sure to find someone who wants to see a concert, go on a shopping trip, or simply take a walk.   

Expanding Your Horizons

Travel, cultural experiences, learning opportunities, and enriching events are also easier to find in a community setting. Attend a lecture with friends to satisfy your penchant for lifelong learning. Invite your neighbor to lunch at your favorite community dining venue. Sign up for a walking group, join a billiards team, or see if anyone wants to join you for a cruise! Whether you are trying something new, pursuing a longtime passion, or getting back to what sparks your interest, CCRCs offer many opportunities to broaden your horizons and make meaningful connections.

Growing Your Support Network

In times of stress, we rely on those closest to us. CCRCs foster tight-knit communities of older adults who share a similar life stage or have traversed comparable life journeys. Because of this, it’s easy to expand your close friend group, filling it with like-minded people.   

Since CCRCs are also designed to provide long-term support, you can also rest easy knowing that should your care needs change, you won’t have to leave the people and community you’ve come to love. For instance, at Village on the Green, our residents have access to rehabilitation, skilled nursing, memory care, and assisted living. And they never have to leave the community to receive it!   

As you can see, a CCRC is more than just another housing option. It’s a place where older adults go to engage with others, pursue shared passions, and indulge in rich and fulfilling lifestyles that promote healthy aging. 

Make New Connections at Village on the Green

At Village on the Green, our community is centered around helping residents seamlessly find their people. We also offer Life Care, which enables you to stay in the comfort of your community, even if your care needs change. Plus, you get access to resort-style amenities, upscale services, enriching events, and exciting activities. 

Contact us today or complete the form below to see what living at Village on the Green is really like.

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