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Benefits of a Life Care Community

Planning for life after retirement — or simply planning for life after you reach a certain age — can be intimidating. Aging in place may sound like an ideal option at first, but it presents plenty of unknowns. What if your health or the health of a loved one suddenly takes a turn for the worse?

Sure, a senior living community has its perks, but it’s also likely you crave your independence. Well, we have some good news for you. When it comes to senior living, you have options.

A continuing care retirement community (CCRC), such as Village on the Green, can provide the right mix of independence and health services necessary for you to truly enjoy your next chapter.

What Is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)?

A continuing care retirement community, also known as a Life Care community, is designed to meet a person’s changing needs as they age. CCRCs offer a variety of living arrangements and health services, such as independent living, assisted living and memory care. They also may have on-site skilled nursing and rehabilitation services to help you maintain independence.

For example, at Village on the Green, a resident might start out in one of our independent living residences. However, as that individual’s needs change, they may choose to move into one of our assisted living or memory care apartments.

That said, not all continuing care retirement communities are alike. On-site services at a CCRC are determined by the type of Life Care contract that is offered by an individual community.

Understanding Life Care Contracts

The idea of signing a Life Care contract can seem overwhelming at first. However, these contracts typically fall within three main categories: Type A, Type B and Type C.

Type A contract CCRCs, also known as Life Care contract communities, offer the full continuum of care from independent living to assisted living and memory care. In exchange for this high level of care and predictable monthly costs, the entry fee tends to be higher to gain access into these communities.

Type B contract CCRCs, also known as Modified Life Care contract communities, generally offer comparable services and amenities to Type A CCRCs. However, access to on-site health services may not be as all-encompassing. These communities generally offer lower entry and/or monthly fees in comparison to Type A CCRCs. This may present an enticing option for those seeking a balance between care and affordability. Just note that your monthly fee might increase if you require more care. Type B Contract communities lack some of the payment predictability of Type A CCRCs.

Type C contract CCRCs operate on a fee-for-service model that means you pay extra for any additional health services needed. Those costs are comparable to the market rate for healthcare services and can quickly add up if a great amount of care is needed.

What type of Life Care community is Village on the Green?

Village on the Green is a Type A contract Life Care community. Our entrance fee is partially  refundable and monthly costs remain steady and predictable, even if a resident’s needs change. In addition, all of our residents receive guaranteed priority access to the complete continuum of care through our assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation services.

On-Site Services at Village on the Green

Village on the Green offers some of the most competitive services available at senior living communities in the Greater Orlando area — and we’re always improving things. Our new Health Center recently opened, offering expanded assisted living and memory care services. This includes the addition of 18 apartments for those services, alongside skilled nursing suites.

Health Services

Our Independent Living residences range from one-bedroom apartments to spacious villas. With the recent opening of our new Health Center, our continuum of care provides access to the latest assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation health services and resources.

Personal Services

Personal services available to residents at Village on the Green include:

  • Comprehensive health and wellness program
  • Access to Lifespace Personal Care Services, featuring trained caregivers
  • Weekly housekeeping service and flat linen service
  • Scheduled transportation and concierge services
  • Maintenance of all apartments, common areas and grounds

24-hour security is also provided to keep Village on the Green residents safe.

Social Activities

From our on-site amenities to special events and activities, there is no shortage of things for residents to do at Village on the Green. Some of our community amenities include a game room, a library, a woodworking shop and a craft room, among others. We also host a number of exciting community events for residents and guests to participate in throughout the year.

Come Visit Village on the Green

If you’re seeking a senior living community somewhere in the Greater Orlando area that accommodates all levels of living then look no further than Village on the Green. We welcome you to complete the form below or give us a call at 407-682-0230 to schedule a tour.

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