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Is Independent Living Right for Your Parent?

Many older adults find that the grand home that suited them perfectly a decade or two before is now more than they want or need to maintain. Their health and mobility needs may also be changing, or perhaps they have started looking ahead to a time when that flight of stairs will start to look daunting. This is the point at which many older adults start to explore alternative housing options, including independent senior living.

But is an independent senior living option right for your parent or parents? Here are some questions to ask your parent to determine whether now is the right time to explore a move.  

Questions to Ask Your Parent About Their Living Situation

1. Does Keeping Up With Home Maintenance Stress You Out?

Home maintenance is always ongoing and requires physical effort. As we get older, some of the projects around the house we once enjoyed may become more stressful (and strenuous). In addition, the cost of hiring someone to do the work can quickly add up. If your parent feels stressed out by housework, then it may be time to consider a more manageable living arrangement.

2. Would You Like Assistance With Cooking Or Housekeeping?

Some of us enjoy preparing meals and even find household chores relaxing. However, things like cooking and housekeeping can become more challenging and time consuming as we age. Ask your parent if they think they might benefit from any help in the kitchen or at home. If so, they may want to look into independent living options that provide assistance in these areas.

3. Do You Wish You Had Less Bills To Keep Track Of?

Being a homeowner often means you have a lot of bills you have to pay on a monthly basis. Property taxes, the cost of utilities and home maintenance — it’s a lot to keep up with. When your parent moves into an independent living community with Life Care, the majority of their expenses, including some health services, are part of a predictable monthly bill.

4. Do You Still Enjoy Driving? Does It Ever Stress You Out?

Your parent may be attentive behind the wheel now. But even the sharpest of individuals have to face the reality of aging and its impact on driving ability. Most independent living setups provide room for you to keep a car, but they may also offer group transportation options. The availability of on-site amenities also means less of a need to drive long distances.

5. Do You Ever Feel Lonely At Home?

Almost everyone feels lonely sometimes. However, older adults can have an especially hard time finding opportunities to socialize and may wind up feeling isolated from others. Social isolation and loneliness pose serious health risks for older adults. That’s why it’s important to check in with your senior parent on a regular basis and ask them how they’re doing. Independent living at a senior living community provides a lot of opportunities for your parent to meet new people.

6. Do You Have a Plan in Place if Your Care Needs Change?

While it can be difficult to predict what sort of health services we will need as we age, an unexpected medical bill — or multiple bills — can result in serious financial losses. People who either have a family history of illness or who want protection in case their health needs change, can benefit from moving into an independent living residence at a senior living community.

Explore Independent Living Options at Village on the Green

For many older adults, the move to independent living is a deeply rewarding experience. At Village on the Green, a senior living community in Longwood, Florida, near Orlando, our team works hard to make every stage of the process from evaluation to move-in day as easy as possible. Our independent living residences also offer a range of services and amenities.

It’s possible the questions presented in this article will get your parent thinking more deeply about independent living. If so, we’re always available to share more information.

Contact us or complete the form below to learn more about our community.

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