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5 Ways to Create Lasting Memories with Young Grandchildren

The grandparent-grandchild relationship is a unique one that, with intentionality, can blossom into a strong bond that you’ll both cherish for the years to come. Unfortunately, differing interests, distance, and the busyness of daily life can make it challenging to strengthen your relationship with your grandchildren. 

Here are some meaningful ways you can intentionally grow your relationship with them.

The Benefits of Positive Relationships

Humans are social beings, which is why healthy, strong relationships are essential to our health. Many grandparents find a sense of purpose in being there for their grandchildren, and grandchildren can benefit from their wisdom, mentorship, and support. Studies have shown that grandparents who are close to their grandchildren may see improvements in brain function, lifespan and mental health.

How to Find Time Together

Before scheduling time with your grandchildren, talk with their parents about the kind of relationship you want to have and brainstorm ways you can achieve it. Once you’ve discussed this, set a consistent day or time that works best for you to talk – this could be over the phone, through a video call or in person. If you live far apart or life is just busy, try to keep up with one another over the phone between visits. 

Speak with your grandchild’s parents to find a day and time that both of you are available to talk on the phone or video chat – this could be while you’re out for your Monday morning walk or during Saturday morning breakfast, for example. 

Things To Do To Create Lasting Memories

Spending time together is essential to relationship building. When doing so, choose activities that you will both enjoy. Here are some ideas of ways you can create fond memories that you’ll enjoy for the rest of your lives. 

  1. Spend time outside. There is a wide range of activities you can do together in the great outdoors. Go fishing, walking, to a farmer’s market or the zoo. Enjoy a picnic at the park and throw a football or frisbee. Visit a botanical garden or tend to your own garden together.
  2. Connect virtually. Thankfully, there are many technologies that make staying in touch easy if you can’t spend time together in person. Texting, phone calls, video chats, social media and more allow you to talk anytime, anywhere. If you’re using video chat, you can play games together, like I Spy or 20 Questions.
  3. Explore your city. Discover the many fun things to do throughout the year and seasonally in your city. Take the day to enjoy the city’s amenities and experience something new together. 
  4.  Do an activity at home. If you’d like to stay in, there are plenty of things you can do in the comforts of your home. Cook or bake something delicious together. Read, do arts and crafts, make a scrapbook, look at family photo albums, watch a movie or learn a new skill through an online tutorial.
  5. Be there for important events, special occasions and familial festivities. Try your best to be there for milestones and momentous occasions, like birthdays, plays, recitals, sports games and family holiday celebrations.

If you have multiple grandchildren, spending time one-on-one every once in a while allows you to make unique memories with each of them according to their own interests. For example, your granddaughter may love to paint, while your grandson might enjoy playing board games.

Explore Community Living at Village on the Green

While building a relationship with your grandchildren is important, you also want to make time to connect with people in your community. These relationships are important in reducing loneliness and can help you have a smoother transition into a joy-filled retirement.

A great way to ensure you get connected in your community is by living in one that understands the importance of relationship building and has events in place to facilitate it. At Village on the Green, you can easily find friends with common interests through our selection of exciting events and appealing services and amenities. And, of course, grandchildren and other visitors are alway welcome!

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