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How to Talk to Adult Children About Your Move to a Senior Community

Making the move to a senior living community is a big decision. It’s understandable that your adult children may have concerns, questions, or emotional responses to the idea. The best way to move through this conversation together is to take it back to basics. Remember that you’re family, and that any worries are rooted in love, compassion, and wanting the best for you. In this guide, we’ll share empathy-driven approaches to these conversations and collaborative ways that you can move through this new adventure together. 

Initiate the Conversation

Sometimes taking the step to initiate the conversation about moving to a senior living community can help assuage worries before they have the chance to become larger issues. Being the first to bring it up allows you to set the stage and tone for the conversation as well. You can begin with kindness and assure your family that you’ve thought this all the way through. Invite them into your decision, help them see how you feel about it, and then hold space for their emotions. 

If you are planning to broach the topic first with your adult children, consider and anticipate potential responses such as: 

  • Emotional barriers around such a major transition in life 
  • Concerns about the quality of life you may lead 
  • Fears about underlying reasons for the move
  • Grappling with logistics
  • Seeking to understand the why behind your choice

The key to navigating these conversations smoothly is to approach them openly, with an empathetic attitude so you and your loved ones can come to a mutual understanding about how this is the best decision for you and the life you want to lead. 

Communicate the Benefits 

One of the main reasons you want to move to a luxury senior living community may be because of the benefits it will provide. Find a way to share those benefits with your adult children so they can better understand your motivations and become excited about your plan. 

From well-appointed living spaces with spacious layouts to impressive amenities that focus on enhancing your independence and encouraging you to craft the lifestyle you most desire, communities have a lot to offer. By eliminating the stress and time consumption of household maintenance and chores, you’re able to pursue your passions more freely. 

Sometimes the best way to help your adult children understand the heart and thought that went into your decision is to invite them to experience it firsthand. Ask them if they’d like to accompany you on a tour of your chosen community.

Navigate Concerns

Even as you invite your adult children to share the vision you have for your exciting future as an independent living resident, you may find that they still have questions. Aim to answer them openly and honestly, leading with compassion. 

Most likely, their concerns come from a well-meaning place that is fueled by common misconceptions about senior living or complicated feelings about how family dynamics may change. Remember, this is a big transition for them, too. Everyone wants what’s best for their loved ones, and sometimes all it takes is helping them feel your certainty to ease their fears.

Here are a few common questions and comments you may hear from your adult children, and some helpful tips on how to respond. 

  • For questions around your quality of life, like whether or not you’re “too active” for a senior living community, consider the following approach. Response: Modern, luxury senior living communities offer a wide range of activities, amenities, and wellness programs that encourage social interaction, physical fitness, and overall senior well-being in retirement. 
  • To address questions concerning the logistics or financial aspects of your decision like “Isn’t the cost of senior living communities really high?” Consider the following approach.  Response: Moving to a senior living community can be a prudent financial decision, consolidating expenses and offering predictable future costs
  • If your loved ones’ questions revolve mostly around their own emotional barriers or fears of the family dynamic shifting after you move, here is one way to respond. Response: Communities often prioritize ease of visits with communal spaces, family-friendly activities, and accommodations for visiting loved ones. 
  • And for questions about why you’re making this choice now, consider sharing this. Response: My new community will make it easier to enjoy retirement to the fullest. They are designed to improve independence and will encourage me to build my ideal lifestyle by providing all the amenities and services I need to create that reality every day. 

Whatever questions your loved ones have, the team members in your chosen community should be able to help answer them in detail, as well. Never be afraid to lean on them if you aren’t sure how to answer. 

Plan Your Life at Village on the Green Together

Collaborate with your family to create a shared vision for the move to make your senior living transition smooth—for everyone. 

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